My name is Jackie Toner (she/her), a queer, cisgender female living with a disability and currently residing in Pesikitik/Windsor, Nova Scotia.

Unlike many artists, I don’t hail from a craft background but instead hold a BSc & MSc in Kinesiology. Throughout my journey in Academia, I found working with my hands incredibly therapeutic and found woodworking as a creative outlet. In early 2023, I left my PhD in Health to focus on my passion for woodworking & turning and sharing her passion with others through teaching.


As a self-directed artist, I rely on experimentation and independent learning. My work includes a variety of materials & methods, such as incorporating exotic woods for natural colors, glass structures, lamination/layering of wood and power carving. Much of what I create are both beautiful and functional pieces that become an integral part to a person's space.



    At Woods(wo)man Woodworking, sustainability is woven into everything we do. From responsibly sourcing materials to actively upcycling, we showcase nature's beauty while minimizing our environmental footprint. Our goal is to leave a lasting legacy of environmental stewardship, inspiring others to embrace sustainable practices.


    Inclusivity is at the heart of Woods(wo)man. With Jackie Toner (she/her) at the helm, we champion representation and create an environment where everyone feels valued and welcomed. Watch us reshape the narrative, challenge stereotypes, and build an empowered community where creativity knows no bounds.


    Woods(wo)man Woodworking proudly stands as a women-owned and operated business, challenging the notion that woodworking is a man's world. We empower women in woodworking, celebrating their creativity and contributions. Join us as we redefine the craft industry's landscape, carving out space for women to shine and thrive.