Welcome to Woods(wo)man Woodworking

where every creation tells a story, and every piece is crafted with heart

While we might be ingesting a smidge of sawdust here in the shop between laughs in the woodshop, we're led by the laid-back yet fiercely determined Jackie Toner. Woods(wo)man is more than just a woodworking brand—it's a movement with a passion for breaking stereotypes + a love for all things wood.

We are on a mission to carve out space for inclusivity + empowerment in the traditionally male-dominated craft industry. From crafting bespoke pieces to teaching the art of woodworking, Woods(wo)man celebrates the beauty of individuality + the power of creativity.


she/her • The Woods(wo)man

Break the binary on the traditional male carpenter role, Jackie Toner is here to show the world that woodworking knows no gender boundaries. With her laid-back demeanor and a knack for turning lumber into works of art, Jackie is redefining what it means to be a woodworker in today's world.

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